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Just Fluff the Towel

Have you ever contemplated the habits of your spouse?  Why does he do those things he does?  Why does she insist on doing things that way?  Why doesn’t my spouse do things my way?  I have, and what I came up with is “we are very different people” but my husband makes sure to notice what I like and do those things for me.

It was all those different, interesting habits that made me fall in love my husband in the first place!

I have a very attentive husband who pays attention to the little things I like and tries to remember to do them for me.  He has never really asked me why I do something a certain way, or if I would stop doing it.  My habits may get on his nerves once in a while, but he tries to accommodate them instead of making me feel foolish about them.

My husband is so patient with my time issue.  I am a very prompt person and I am always aware of what time it is and what needs to be accomplished for the day, a task master you could say.  My husband doesn’t always appreciate this about me but he does his best to accommodate it when appropriate and direct me away from it when necessary.  He does this all with love and patience.

My husband has some things that he likes that at first I thought were a little strange, but they were also endearing to me. 

When we sit down to eat a meal my husband enjoys it when our plates and utensils match, he eats fried chicken with two forks so he doesn’t have to touch it and he loves when his towel is fluffing in the dryer while he is showering so that when he gets out it is warm for him.  None of these habits are a problem for me, I have just noticed he likes those things.

We can either get mad about something we may not understand or we can choose to see that it pleases another person and go out of our way to provide it for them.

Our spouses give us a road map daily of how we can meet needs for them and provide them with things they enjoy.  Sometimes we have a tendency to get annoyed with our spouses habits and criticize them for having them, that is a very easy trap to fall into, they are different than us and the things they like don’t always make sense to us.

Choose love over annoyance and decide to make the effort to meet your spouses needs, make them feel special and like you were listening and paying attention to them instead of making them feel you are frustrated about their habits.  Just fluff the towel, more than likely you will be rewarded by your spouse “fluffing your towel”, and other things that you may enjoy.

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